Worlds First Turnkey Hydrogen, Solar & Wind Power System!

A company called Krystal Planet�recently put together the world’s first turnkey�alternative energy system. This Hybrid system comes complete with Solar panels, a wind turbine, a hydrogen electrolyzer, hydrogen storage tanks, a huge hydrogen fuel cell, an Oxygen recovery system, inverters, batteries and installation. This is the first time in history that one company is offering a complete sustainable solution for any home owner.

Not only will this system render your home completely energy independent (off the grid), it will also produce enough extra hydrogen to fuel two hydrogen vehicles. You may be thinking… I don’t have a hydrogen vehicle and they may not be out for another couple of years. That’s ok, you have choices, you can convert your car to hydrogen ($6k to $18k), or you can simply sell the excess to a third party.

The hydrogen electrolyzer does produce some waste, but these waste byproducts are very beneficial. For instance, this hybrid system produces about 10 kg of excess Hydrogen(H2) per month, which can either be sold to a 3rd party for about $500 to $750 per month or it can be used to keep two hydrogen vehicles fueled for good. The second byproduct is purge Oxygen which is also bottled up and ready to be sold to a 3rd party or pumped back into your HVAC system. The last byproduct is purified water which is a result of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms combining in the fuel cell to produce electricity. I don’t feel like I need to explain what you can do with purified water, but for those who are not sure, you drink it

Not only can you sell the Hydrogen and Oxygen, but any excess electricity that you generate can be sold back to Utility Company, and usually at a higher rate due to the new “State Buy Back Programs.” Not only that, but there is a $5,000 Federal tax credit available for the electrolyzer and fuel cell and a $2,000+ tax credit for the solar PV. All of these benefits make the high cost very affordable, especially if you finance the system to match your 30 year mortgage.

The Cost is ~$950 per month or $150,000 straight up. If you analyze the monthly cost, and compare it with your current energy cost, it almost balances itself out each month.Cost analysis:

Average miles driven per car per year = 18,000 miles
Average MPG per car per year = 22 MPG
Average MPG per SUV per year = 18 MPG
Average cost of gasoline = $2.78

Average fuel cost of car = [(18,000 / 22) x $2.78] / 12 = $189.54 per month
Average fuel cost of SUV = [(18,000 / 18) x $2.78] / 12 = $231.66 per month
Average Electricity cost = $130 per month.
Average Natural Gas cost = $120 per month.
Total home energy cost = $250.00 per month

Total energy cost of 1 car household = $439.54
Total energy cost of 2 car household = $629.08
Total energy cost of 1 car and 1 SUV household = $671.20
Total energy cost of 2 SUV household = $713.32

If you look at the figures above, the average energy cost of a typical American home is $250 which would be $0 if the same home was using the Hybrid hydrogen, solar and wind system.

Now if you sell the H2 for ~$600 per month and get rid of your $250 monthly energy cost your net out of pocket expense would be about $100. After selling the Oxygen and any excess electricity that gets pumped back into the grid that last $100 is almost completely eliminated.

How is that for affordable sustainability?
You can add a $150,000 value to your home, eliminate its carbon emissions and keep your monthly cost from rising.

This will make your home Carbon Neutral which is a 400 ton per year co2 reduction. That is equivalent to taking over 60 SUVs off of the road or planting over 1000 trees every year.

There are a few negative sides to this system and that is the size. Because of all of the components, you will need to have adequate spaces for these items. The fuel cell, batteries, inverter bank and hydrogen storage tanks will need a dedicated room or rooms. This will require that the home owner add an additional room to the house or include extra space in the design of the house before it is built. Fortunately a garage will do just fine for the mentioned components and the electrolyzer and oxygen recovery system can be installed outside.

The other negative is the high initial cost. Of course this can be offset by financing the system over a 30 year period which brings the cost down to about $950 per month. Still some may not be eligible for such a large loan; however Krystal Planet does do high risk financing for those individuals with “questionable” credit. Of course the high risk comes with a cost, that being a higher percentage rate.

The only other negative side I see is the maintenance. Even though the $150,000 cost does include the initial installation, it does not cover maintenance cost over the life of the components. Although each component does have certain warranties and guarantees, there will be some unforeseen maintenance cost just as you would for any complex component such as a car, AC unit or gas heater.

The benefits of Krystal Planet’s complete hybrid system greatly outweighs any negative objections. The system will produce a healthy productive household by creating pure drinking water and fresh oxygen while creating no harmful emissions. The 30 year high risk financing option makes this hybrid alternative energy system a very afford option to any home owner.

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