Where To Buy Products Made in the USA

It’s difficult to find clothes without tags that say “Made in China”, or electronic equipment, shoes, tools, kitchen appliances, and well… just about everything. It seems like a rarity to find something that is still actually made in the USA, but there are indeed companies out there that still manufacture products at home.

Whenever I have to buy something new, I try to find products that are still made in the USA, but at times it can be difficult. Thankfully, I recently stumbled upon Still Made in the USA, a directory of American-made clothes, tool, kitchen appliances, music gear, green products, and more.

Products that are manufactured in the USA have less miles to travel, and help to support local economies. And there is a probably lesser chance of labor exploitation occurring in stateside manufacturing companies. Again, it’s my first choice to find things that I need used, including clothes, tools, and kitchen equipment, but during those rare times when I cannot find something second-hand, I seek out that Made in the USA label.

Check out Still Made in the USA to learn about companies that are still manufacturing products at home!

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