Where Does Your Milk Come From?

Ever wonder where that jug of milk came from that you just purchased at the supermarket? Just how far away were those cows raised? Well, thanks to this super nifty website, you can find out exactly where.

From the website “where did my milk come from?”:

You’d be surprised. Did you know different brands of milk often come from the same dairy – and the same cows? Often, the same dairy provides milk for store and brand names, only differentiating them by their label! Most dairy products, especially milk have a state and plant code. Go get the milk out of your fridge and, and find out which dairy it comes from.

Created by a student of Brigham Young University, the website has a database with information from the FDA’s interstate milk shippers list, which is public information not easily accessible for the average consumer. The website also accepts codes from dairy products other than milk.

For those interested in eating local foods, this website will allow you to make that more possible. Most dairy makes no mention of where it comes from, but now you can find out! Very cool.

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