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Hey everyone, thank you very much for stopping by and becoming a part of our solution. We here at Neutral Existence believe that we the people can make a difference by using our wits and our buying power to Stop Global Warming and positively affect client change.

Unfortunately, for those of us living in the US where our government is driven by money (in the form of lobbyist) and environmental issues are simply swept under the table, we cannot depend on our government to make the proper decisions. It is up to us “The Consumer” to change our buying habits, alter our way of living and create a new “Green Economy” where big green corporations can begin to flourish and create changes within our government. Unless we have lobbyist representing large “green” corporations in congress, nothing major will ever happen to truly stop Global Warming.
If you would like to be a part of our solution, it all starts by by getting involved. I kindly ask that you signup and get registered in our forums and send more people to this site so we can begin to spread the word about this project. Opt-in to our newsletter so you can be up to date with everything we are doing.

The time is now, help us create a valid solution and support the “Neutral Existence Project”.

Thanks for your support,

Adam Beazley, CEO
Neutral Existence LLC

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