The True Facts About Global Warming

Looking for the real facts about global warming? Find out some important true facts about global warming that you need to know!You may have found that there is a lot of “confusion” over the facts about global warming– especially online. It's true- there are a lot of global warming deniers out there on the internet who distort scientific claims and promote half-truths. Thankfully, there are also well-known, documented and referenced facts about global warming that are impossible to deny.

The Simple Facts

The most important fact to know about global warming is that it is a reality. We know it is real because it is a measurable process that we can see through the lens of science. From samples taken from cores of ice in the arctic to records of temperatures around the world from over a century ago, you can clearly see for yourself that global warming is an unfortunate reality.

Second, it is alarmingly clear that humans are causing the problem. There is virtually no denying this, and I challenge you to dig behind the claims of anybody who says otherwise. All top climate scientists agree that humans are causing climate change, and that we are accelerating the problem through our production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. Here is a great list of common arguments from global warming skeptics for you to reference if you meet a global warming denier- or if you are one!

Climate Change: Destroying Earth As We Know It

Global warming is happening right now, and the consequences will only worsen as we wait. It is not some far-off fantasy future. The average global temperature has already risen 1.3 ° F since the beginning of the 20th century. Sea levels have risen 20cm in the past century due to human-caused global warming, and that figure is expected to accelerate in the future. It might not sound like much, but this rise has a profound effect on coastal areas. Many countries like the Maldives already have plans made for when their country will be completely submerged by water- a direct result of human-caused climate change. The only way we can stop changes like this is to use emission-free energy sources and stop producing CO2.

150,000 people die every year as a result of global warming that you likely contribute to- one of the hardest-hitting true facts about global warming around. These deaths result from droughts, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters connected to a changing climate. 150,000 is a huge number of people- but you can help reduce it. Below, you can find some really powerful ways that you can help stop climate change right now.

You Can Take Action Against Global Warming

There are a lot of ways that you can take action to reduce your impact and help with global warming prevention. Start by checking out the top ten ways to prevent global warming. However, the best way to combat global warming is to act right now and reduce your emissions by visiting the neutral existence eco-store and learn how you can dramatically reduce your footprint- You'll save money and, more importantly, save lives.


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