The Future of Compact Florescent Lights

I think everyone knows by now that compact florescent bulbs are the future of main stream lighting (until LED’s come down in price) because they are more cost efficient, energy efficient and longer lasting (less waste) than traditional incandescent light bulbs. However, up until now there has been a real lack of any type of diversity in design of these compact fluorescent lights (CFL).

With CFL bulbs quickly becoming the norm for home lighting, there are many different manufacturers, but only three basic designs. As you can see from the image above, these three basic designs have not been elaborated on since the conception of CFL bulbs.

Until now…

A company called Hulger has recently begun designing a new line of CFL’s under the name Plumen.  These new designs challenge everything we think we know about light bulbs and have actually brought the light bulb into an entire new category. Before, the light fixture was the ornament of design that would hold and hide the light bulb, but now, the light bulb is not only the light giving element, but it is the design element as well.

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