Take Action: No More Renewable Energy Standard or Tax Title in Energy Bill?

Well here we go again, yet another attack on renewable energy and the progress that it has already been making over the past few years. Nevada’s senator Harry Reid and congresswoman Nancy Pelosi have just decided to eliminate renewable energy standard and tax title out of the current energy bill set to pass in about 24 hours.

To sum up what this means, the would be $32 billion dollar tax package for renewable energies has just been scrapped for an increased fuel economy standard. Basically a few MPG increase in gas mileage instead of a huge tax incentive to get this country going in the right direction.� Unfortunately the fuel economy standard will in no way shape or form come close the effect that a renewable energy tax package can have on our addiction to foreign oil.

The tax title which was dropped will essentially end(not renew)�the current investment tax credit for solar and the production tax credit for wind energy. In short, we have an energy bill going through congress tomorrow with absolutely NO provisions for alternative energy. This is dropping the largest Pro-Solar provisions this country has ever seen.

Please,Ii beg you to do whatever you can, TODAY to call your local representative and give them an earful. We’ve got maybe 24 hours to turn this around. We suggest calling until the Capitol switchboard melts. Can you please ask your representative to pass the renewable energy message to Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi.A suggested script might go like this:
“Hi. My name is__. I, and 90% of America, would like more renewable energy. It’s not a tough call, since it’s pretty clear that the future of the world depends on it. So, please tell Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi to include a 8-year extension for the solar investment tax credits in the energy bill. Thank you.”

We have a contact information list�of all of your local representatives at the following link: http://www.neutralexistence.com/Write-A-Congressman.html

Again, we have less than 24 hours to make a difference in the future of this country.

Thanks for reading and taking action,

Adam Beazley, CEO – Neutral Existence LLC

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