Supreme Court Shakes Up The EPA & Automakers

In a recent verdict by the Supreme Court, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is now being pushed to regulate co2 emissions in cars and trucks.

Massachusetts sued the EPA claiming that they are required by the Clean Air Act to regulate co2 emissions as a pollutant. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Massachusetts 5-4 and basically gave the EPA the authority to regulate greenhouse gases as a pollutant. The EPA’s reply was that there was not sufficient evidence to support the man caused global warming theory and their collective opinion is that there is no reason to take action at this time. The Supreme Court disagreed and urged the EPA to begin regulating co2 as a pollutant.

This ruling will also throw a huge blow to Automakers who are currently in litigation with California over their CAFE standards. Their case was put on hold awaiting the ruling of the Mass. vs. EPA case, so there is a very good chance that the Automakers vs. California cases will be dismissed as a result of the Supreme Court ruling.

Along with these rulings comes a lot of controversy. While environmental activist are excited and supportive of this ruling, others are very wary of more federal government regulations. I for one am somewhere in the middle as I am an environmentalist, however I do not like the idea of the Federal Government telling me what I can and can not do.

I still believe that in the larger scheme of things the changes we seek will happen naturally if we all do our part as consumers and only buy green, organic, low emission and alternative energy products. This way our capitalist society will shift and the big businesses will go where the money is in the ever growing ‘Green Marketplace’.

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