Solar to Go: Small Folding Solar Panels

It’s nearly summer, and it’s almost time to plan vacations. Rambling folks need power too, and those outlets can be hard to find on the road. Going off the beaten path, into less-serviced campgrounds? You’ll need your own power. If you’re going on an extended trip but you need to stay connected to the outside world through phone and email, a folding solar panel might be just what you’re looking for.
Merchants need power too. From solar displays that power tables at a summer festival to solar panels that power the equipment in a roadside vending stall, folding solar panels allow merchants to tap into solar energy as a ready power source. Sometimes there’s no outlet to be found, nowhere to plug into the power grid. At other times, it’s easier to get a good location if you’re not restricted to where your power sources are placed. Using solar also brands your business as a sustainable business.

When you are investigating small scale solar for travel or business on the road, consider the following questions:
How much power do you need? Determine whether you can scale back your appliances or convert to more energy-efficient appliances. You can also change the way you use the appliances to use them in a more efficient manner.  Do you need solar power for your small electronic devices? Small, folding solar panels are the solution for summer time adventures. These panels come on a flexible backing and are a good way to do business on the road. They are ideal charging devices for laptops, cell phones, and other everyday devices. You can also small solar panels to recharge batteries to suit a more diverse array of power needs.

Do you need to store the solar panel when it is not in use? If you need to store the panel, you may want a smaller or a folding solar panel.
How do you install the solar panel? If you need a panel that you can bring to events, it should have its own independent structure and require little if any mounting. A solar panel system for an RV would be better mounted on the RV so you can get up and travel without worrying about reinstalling your power system.
Does the solar panel tilt to ensure maximum light? When you install solar panels on a house, you install them with maximum light in mind. However, an RV or a mobile display or vending unit will move, and it is important to consider how you will collect solar power when you are stuck on a prescribed site. Solar panels that have legs to tilt allow you to harvest the most energy.  
Is it possible to add additional panels to the system? Your energy needs can change over time. Ideally, look for a system that allows you to add solar panels if your needs increase. This helps you have an integrated power system.
Small scale solar panels are ideal for summer time. Summer is the season when you head out into the world to events and on vacations, but you want to pack light. It’s also the season of sunshine, the perfect time to use a solar panel for your power needs.

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