Possible Ban on Wind Energy… Why?

A new bill was introduced by Chairman Nick Rahall (D-WV) in the House Natural Resources Committee, which would essentially make it a crime to produce clean electricity from wind turbines. The bill H.R. 2337 is nothing but a clever way to line the pockets of big oil, coal and other fossil fuel related businesses, by taking advantage of honest caring people.

The H.R. 2337 bill is camouflaged as an “animal protection” bill which would help save the lives of migratory birds that are killed by wind turbines. Unfortunately, birds are occasionally killed by wind turbines, but the number is so small, it is barely worth mentioning. The fact is, of all bird deaths, only .003% are a result of wind turbines, that’s 3 wind turbine related death out of every 100,000 bird deaths. And the wind industry is currently funding many different collaborative research programs to help put a stop to these unfortunate bird deaths.

When compared to other energy methods, the total effect on our nations wildlife from wind generated energy is almost non existent. There is much greater harm is being posed to our nation’s wildlife with harmful mercury emissions from coal power plants, radioactive waste and thermal pollution from nuclear energy, and other hazards associated with fossil fuel and other energy usage. So, if this bill really is what it is supposed to be, an animal protection bill, then you would think that the provisions would extend to all forms of energy production and not just wind turbines.

It is for this very reason that I believe this bill is a slick way of tricking caring individuals into signing a bill which would ultimately create an unworkable bureaucracy that will delay clean, emissions-free wind energy projects throughout the United States. Not only would this bill stop any new wind projects, but it would force all currently producing turbines, including small residential units to cease operation 6 months after the passing of this bill, until each and every turbine can be “certified” through a bureaucratic process that would take years. The bill also imposes a $50,000 fine or a year in jail for anyone using an “un-certified” wind turbine.

If you are like me and you feel that wind energy is an essential tool to creating a sustainable future that is clean and free of dependence on foreign energy sources, then take a stand today. Please take a minute and sign the petition to put a stop to this ridiculous bill.Veto HR 2337 here

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