Pollution Showdown: China Vs. US

Everyone is talking about the China Vs. US pollution race and who will end up being the biggest polluter. Many environmental bashers, global warming deniers and people who just don’t care, will quickly point out that China recently surpassed the US in greenhouse gas emissions. They use this fact as and excuse, to say that we (Americans) shouldn’t even bother trying to curb our own emissions because we are doomed by China’s emissions. Personally, I believe this idea is absolute nonsense and that our moral obligation to do the right thing should not be based on what another country or person is doing or not doing.

It should also be pointed out that per person; China’s emissions are much lower than the US. In fact, the US emits 6 times more greenhouse gas per person than China. What this means is that we are using entirely too much energy and that we actually have more power to turn things around than we may think.� Instead of sitting around waiting for a crooked government to make “good” decisions, why not start the change where it really needs to start, with the economy.

Let’s face it, we live in a capitalistic society which is entirely driven by money. That being said, if consumers buy a specific type of product, companies will make more of them at cheaper prices. So, by buying green products, you are essentially creating a larger economy for that type of product, which will ultimately bring in large corporations who will want a piece of that profit. By buying green products from “green companies” you are further pushing the environmental concept and essentially forcing businesses to green up or loose out on this market.

As these green companies grow larger, their lobbyist in congress will have that much more persuasion power ($) to assure that certain environmentally beneficial laws get put into place. Of course these environmental laws and regulations not only benefit the environment, but they also benefit their profits.

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