Our Senators Failed Us Again…

Unfortunately this failure of our senators to do what is right, seems to be the norm lately. With gas prices souring, oil companies showing record profits and global warming on the rise, you would think that our senators would make a sound decision to help invigorate the solar and wind industry creating jobs and helping the economy, but you would be wrong. The HR 6049 bill on the table to extend investment tax credits failed to pass the senate.

SunPower, one of the leading companies in the renewable energy sector has promised to pick up shop and leave the US should the ITC bill not pass. Now that this bill is dead in the water only time will tell whether SunPower will leave the country. This would result in a loss of over 16,000 job opportunities and an additional $19 billion dollars in lost investments. This would be a major blow the the renewable energy, solar and wind industries.

If you are as upset as I am, you can check out this website to see how your senators voted and let them know how disappointed you are in them if they voted against this bill.

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