New Wind Turbine Design Increases Efficiency 4 fold

A company called FlowDesign has taken a page from the aeronautical engineering field and designed a type of “Jet Engine” wind turbine. These new wind turbines are said to be able to produce four times more electricity than typical wind turbines. Not only that, but because of their design, they can be placed closer together because they do not disrupt the wind flow as much.

Along with the better and more efficient turbine design, Flowdesign has also designed the transportation and installation methods to make this wind turbine even more efficient. This this type of efficiency increase in the design and production, we could see wind power being a better and cheaper alternative to coal. Flowdesign has been given $500,000 by a Massachusetts company to further develop their turbine design, the installation process and to streamline the manufacturing process.

Check out the original article over at EcoGeek and you can see a very nice rendered video explaining how these new “jet engine” wind turbines really work.

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