New Green Careers in a Low Energy Future

Many Americans are taking charge and matters into their own hands to carve out a new sustainable lifestyle, despite the government’s incredibly lackluster response to the threat of global climate change and other environmental crises. This is simply no waiting for many individuals, who have already been making changes to lead more ecological lives by a change in their careers, growing more of their own food, driving less, and making other significant lifestyle changes.

This enlightening poll makes Americans’ changes more real by detailing the actions they have taken:

“More than two-thirds of survey takers said they cut purchases, bought more local goods and services, conserved energy in their homes and put in a garden. One-sixth have started new careers, such as a truck driver who became a permaculture teacher.”

The article includes an interesting list of the top ten new careers, including farming, activism, permaculture design, energy-efficient building, and alternative health. Also quite fascinating is the list of changes made by Americans and the surprising percentages of people who have started a garden, become members of a CSA, reduced debt, and more.

Perhaps there is hope after all that Americans will be able to transform their lifestyles to be more ecologically aware and sustainably minded!

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