New Carbon Capture Breakthrough Makes Baking Soda

As mentioned in a recent article from Michael Kanellos on Cnet News, there is a new revolutionary carbon scrubbing technique which is turning the pollution from smoke stacks into food grade baking soda. A company called Skyonic is responsible for this new process referred to as Skymining, in which sodium hydroxide is added to the carbon dioxide emissions from the smoke stacks to form sodium bicarbonate, otherwise known as baking soda.

This baking soda is cleaner than food grade backing soda, according to Skyonic’s owner and considering that baking soda is currently mined, this new process can virtually eliminate all mining related to backing soda because we have enough smoke stacks in the US alone to produce the world’s supply of baking soda. Not only that, but this process also removes 97% of other heavy metals, sulfur and nitrogen compounds.

The Skymine process does create a few other byproducts such as hydrogen and chlorine which can be resold with the backing soda to bring in additional profits to the company. The entire process is also energy negative because it uses the excess heat from the smoke stacks to run the entire process.

This process in my opinion is one of the most significant breakthroughs which could ultimately make the most significant difference in the fight to curb toxic emissions. The fact is big industry is all about profits and unless it is profitable, you can bet that big industry will not use carbon sequestration technologies unless required to do so by law.Skyonic has addressed this issue by making their process of carbon sequestration a profitable green addition to a dirty industrial process. Everybody wins, big industry profits, the environment benefits and environmentalists are happy.

Please see the original article for more detailed information.

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