Natural Cleaners - Vinegar and Baking Soda

I really hadn’t thought much about the cleaning products I used until recently.  I grew up with the mindset that the harsher the cleaner, the more sterile the surface became.  My husband and I started thinking about natural cleaners after our son was born.  We read up on the benefits of using vinegar and baking soda and started using that in our laundry, and especially when it came to washing our son’s diapers.  Before, we only used detergent on the diapers, but it would mask the smell. The combination of vinegar and baking soda took out the odors completely.  Lets go over the benefits of both components.

This alternative cleaning article showed us how we can use vinegar not only to disinfect and deodorize laundry, but for all of our house cleaning needs. 

You’re probably wondering, but what about the smell?  Once the vinegar dries, the smell disappears completely. 

You’re also probably wondering if the acid in vinegar could harm certain surfaces. Yes, it could harm tile or marble, so make sure it is diluted well. 

Of course, in areas like toilets, the higher the concentration, the better, as it is wonderful at taking out toilet rings: After first reading this, I tried it and it works very well. 

Diluted vinegar is also excellent at getting rid of soap scum and hard water stains!  Put some in a spray bottle and it also works great for cleaning floors, counter tops, stoves and appliances. I don’t know about you but I’ve tried many cleaners, many harsh ones, that claimed to work but they didn’t, so I’m excited to share the good news about the wonders of vinegar.

Baking soda is widely known for combating odors, but did you know it’s also wonderful to use instead of your typical “scrub” cleaners, not to mention much healthier! Another natural cleaning article mentions that baking soda is wonderful at dissolving dirt and grease in water, so as previously mentioned, it is wonderful to add to your laundry.  Two tablespoons of baking soda diluted in a liter of water create a safe all-purpose cleaner. 

Another tip: Create a paste by adding a bit of water and you can eliminate those stubborn coffee and tea stains.  I also found another way vinegar and baking soda work fabulously together—as a drain cleaner.  Pour a half cup of baking soda, then a half cup of vinegar, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then pour a kettle of boiling water. 

Try these tips yourself and you will see how effective and economical these two ingredients are!

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