Nation’s First Sustainable Solar / Hydrogen House Unveiled

A civil engineer in New Jersey, Mike Strizki just finished the nations first totally sustainable solar / hydrogen powered home. He now pays a whopping $0.00 for his monthly utility bills.

Mike managed to combine a solar panel array with a hydrogen electrolyzer and hydrogen storage tanks. The way this system works is quite simple; During the summer months, the solar panel arrays provide more than enough electricity for all of Mike’s energy needs, so the excess electricity is used to draw hydrogen and oxygen from water. This hydrogen is then stored in some propane tanks that Mike has and the excess oxygen is released into the atmosphere. During the winter months when the sun is lower in the sky, the bulk of Mike’s stored Hydrogen gets converted into electricity through his electrolyzer to power his home.

Along with his hydrogen powered car, Mike has pretty much eliminated his carbon footprint. Mike’s system cost his over $500,000 to build and install, although the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities cut that cost in half by giving him a $250,000 grant for his efforts.

Mike is definitely doing his part, however the $500,000 price tag is just way over the top. The theory is quite ingenious and the fact is a similar product on the market for much less. In fact This System from Krystal Planet does everything that Mike’s system does and more, like saving the oxygen, producing clean drinking water, and creating more than enough electricity to sell back to the Utility companies.

You can read more about Mike’s system over at Yahoo News!

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