Is Your Milk Genetically Modified With RBGH?

This is my first time writing a blog post.  I have to admit it took me a while to get here.  Let me explain, and many of you may relate.  I’m a new mom.  Our son has been the biggest blessing I could have ever imagined, but it has taken me a long time to get adjusted and organized.  I quit my job when David turned 4 months old and started to work from home instead.  Being home with him is the greatest gift.  So, needles to say, it’s taken me a while to sit and finally be able to write my thoughts. 

There are many things that interest me and concern me as a mother and as a citizen of this planet.  I will start with one of my biggest “hot topics:” the products we consume.  I am not a strict healthy eater, but I do think about how our food and drinks are produced. 

It all started while I was working on my undergrad degree in communication: I took a communication law class and chose “genetically modified products” as my topic for a huge paper.  While researching this topic, I encountered tons of frightening information, but what shocked me the most was recombinant bovine growth hormone, (rbgh). 

Rbgh is a genetically engineered hormone that is injected into cows in order to increase their milk supply.  In my research, I found that the effects are horrible for the cows: they frequently develop cancer, ulcers and mastitis, among other health problems.  Many times this will cause the udders to secrete puss, and guess where the puss goes—into the milk we drink every day!!!! 

This disgusted me and I hope it disgusts you too! 

There are tons of studies showing the ill effects of rbgh not only on cows but on humans as well!  What is even scarier is that this truth is trying to be buried by big corporations.  I am not encouraging anyone to stop drinking milk: on the contrary, I LOVE dairy products!!!  I encourage you to look for rgbh-free products. 

I have to brag about a Kleinpeter Dairy, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  This is a family-owned business that has always been rbgh-free because, they are “committed to the respectful and humane treatment” of their cows!  They have been featured in local papers but also in national periodicals such as Vanity Fair!  I was so excited the first time I had seen their commercial, which emphasized being rbgh –free!  I bought a gallon of their milk the next day and have been buying it ever-since—I can taste the difference!  As I said, Kleinpeter is local, and will most likely be available in other states in the future, but if it is not in your grocery store, look for other rbgh free dairy products!

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