Home of the First Drive-Thru Bans New Fast Food Restaurants

Baldwin City, with a population of 80,000 and home to a whopping 17 fast food drive-thrus, was home to the very first drive-thru back in 1948. But now the city wants to put a ban on any new drive-thru fast food restaurants, in hopes of fighting pollution from idling cars and decreasing the city’s rapidly rising rates of obesity.

Fast food is bad enough. No one has to tell you that it’s not good for you or the planet. It’s obvious. And drive-thrus just add to the ultimate environmental and cultural tackiness that is a fast food restaurant. From The Independent comes a quote from Baldwin Park city planner Salvador Lopez: “We here in Baldwin Park have taken strides to create a healthy community, and allowing one more drive-thru is not going to meet that goal.”

Amen to that. Unfortunately, it’s a nine moth moratorium, so the bill will have to renewed to continue the ban on new fast food drive-thrus from opening their doors. However, it’s a start, and a good one at that. Will other cities follow suit? When will our national obsession with the obscene drive-thru come to an end?

Check out The Independent for more on this story.

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