Hair Brained Idea to Artificially Cool Earth

I have heard a lot of hair brained ideas in my day, but this one tops the list. Some crazy scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research proposed artificially injecting sulfur into the Earth’s stratosphere to help cool it down. Now this is of course an alternative to curbing our CO2 emissions, which apparently is being deemed as too difficult. But artificially injecting enough sulfur into the atmosphere would be easier?

Anyway, according to their studies, injecting sulfates into the stratosphere could cause additional damage to the ozone above Antarctica and not to mention the health effects. This is just one of the hair brained “geo-engineering” ways to stop global warming instead of simply reducing our emissions.

Is it just me, because I feel like we are going about this all wrong if we are thinking in terms of geo-engineering and injecting the atmosphere with strange chemical elements to stop global warming. It just seems like there are way to many unknowns when you attempt such a large scale project dealing with mass amounts of unhealthy chemicals in the atmosphere. I mean, isn’t that what got us in this pinch in the first place?

Full Story at: Yahoo

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