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We usually do reviews on specific products, but today I wanted to take a stab at a specific industry and focus on one particular business who is doing their part to make this industry a little greener.

We were asked recently to provide physical brochures, fliers and catalogs to help out our affiliates and partners, at which point we began researching designers as well as printing houses to create these products. While many of the larger, well known print houses kept showing up in the search engine results for catalog printing and brochure printing, we began thinking about how we could minimize our footprint while still providing the needed products.

What we found was a great little website which had a whole section dedicated to green printing. This environmentally conscious print-house prints pretty much anything you need, from business cards and stickers to posters and full catalogs. But, what really caught my eye, was the fact that PSPrint actively recycle their paper waste and only uses soy based ink throughout there facilities. While other companies would charge a premium for “green(soy) ink”, PsPrint just does it because its better for the environment, as soy inks release fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than traditional petroleum based inks.

PSPrint also has two facilities on both the West and East coast, and the print jobs are automatically routed to the print-house closest to the client to reduce shipping distances and subsequently the fuels and emissions associated with the delivery method. And last but not least, they do offer 100% recycled paper stocks for most their printed products.

While we have not yet completed our brochure and catalog designs, we will definitely be giving our print business to PSPrint.com. Considering the positive steps they are taking to help the environment, PSPrint will receive our Neutral Existence Stamp Of Approval.

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