Complete Car Hydrogen Conversion Kit From United Nuclear

A good friend of mine just sent me toUnited Nuclear’s website the other day to have a look at their new conversion systems for late model cars. n my opinion this is a fantastic breakthrough in the alternative energy world as they have found a way for us to produce and store hydrogen safely using Hydrides.

The systems works by using hydrogen in a typical (slightly modified) internal combustion engine and instead of burning hydrocarbons it burns the hydrogen. This of course almost eliminates all emissions aside from a small amount of nitrogen oxides which can be easily filtered out.

The genius in this system is that fact that it comes with a solar powered hydrogen generator which you can use to generate your own hydrogen at home. In a nutshell this will allow you to never have to buy gasoline again. Even though the small hydrogen generator will generally take about 2 day to generate enough hydrogen to fill a small canister, you should still be able to always have enough on hand to never buy gasoline again.

Now there will be times where you will need to use gasoline, and this system allows you to switch back and forth between gasoline and hydrogen with a flick of a button, so those long trips are still an option.


Unfortunately, due to the fact that Hydrogen gas burns so much faster than Gasoline, engines with compression ratios greater than 9.5 to 1 are very susceptible to damaging pre-detonation (engine knock). For this reason, Hydrogen conversions are not recommended for vehicles with turbochargers, superchargers, or compression ratios greater than 9.5 to 1. Also, because of the higher compression, different ignition system, and host of other factors, the Hydrogen Fuel System will not work on diesel engines.

Now of course with any good system and great idea which saves money and gasoline comes the “Big Business Conspiracy”.. “The Man”. According to‘s website, here is the latest news about United Nuclear:United Nuclear Raided by U.S. Government :

Inventors can’t be allowed to provide viable alternatives to hydrocarbon derived gasoline directly to the public. It just can’t (and will not) be allowed. If you try it, men wearing black ski masks will show up, point guns at your head and steal your plans, records and computers.

They hate us for our freedom!

People who make jokes about “conspiracy theories” should try this one on for size:

Instead of moving forward with our research, 100% of our time and money is now being spent on fighting a legal battle with the U.S. Government.

Some time ago, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recruited the SWAT team and other Government agencies to raid our facility confiscating all papers, plans and computers.

They are attempting to block all sales and use of the chemicals used in our Hydrogen storage system.

The materials in question are common Oxidizers and have never been illegal to own or purchase and are not even classified as hazardous materials.

Isn’t that just a shame?

Well until they are up and running again, there are other viable options like thisOxy-Hydrogen Generator. It’s not a total sustainable solution, but hey it gives you 28% better fuel economy.

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