Coal Is Clean… Since When?

If you haven't already noticed, the coal industry has launched a massive advertising campaign aimed at fooling the world into thinking that coal is clean, or can be clean. In no way shape of form can coal ever be considered clean, green or even greener, considering that no part of the coal mining process is environmentally friendly.

Sure there is a lot of talk about carbon sequestration and I have even posted about new and innovative carbon sequestration techniques, but even if 100% of the carbon from burning coal was sequestered, coal would still be one of the dirtiest fuels known to man. Most people just think of coal as some substance that miners dig up, but most people have not really seen the devastation coal mining does to mountain tops and their valleys below. Thats not to mention the damage don't to local waterways as well as the local water supplies.

Anyway, I don't think words can really describe the damage, so have a look at this short video about coal's dirty little secret:

Are you still “For” clean coal?
Write your local representatives and educate them.

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