Coal Industry to Turn Coal Into Diesel

While the U.S. faces record high fuel cost, the coal industry believes that it has a solution that will fix everything. They are talking about transforming millions of tons of coal into diesel. Sounds like a brilliant idea right… WRONG!

Unfortunately, you can count on the dirty coal industry to come up with an even dirtier method of producing diesel. Yep that’s right, this new “bright idea” is not only twice as dirty as regular petroleum based diesel, but its more expensive too. As the Natural Resources Defense Council put it “Relying on coal-derived liquid as an alternative fuel could nearly double global warming pollution for every gallon of transportation fuel produced and used.”

When concern about global warming is at its highest, leave it to the coal industry to come up with a new way of creating diesel that is worse for the environment. Seriously, what are they thinking, where is the logic? I guess it’s all for the money!

I urge you to do what you can by visiting the NRDC: Move America Beyond Oil site and sending a letter to your local congressman. Together we can make a difference, but we must take consistent action in order to do so.

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