Clean Your Planet, Save Money and Bragg About It

Well, today is “Blog Action Day” and thousands of bloggers from across the globe are posting tips to help curb global warming. In the spirit of Blog Action Day, I setup a special page in the members area to allow member’s to take carbon reduction pledges and see exactly how much carbon their pledges will save from entering the atmosphere.

The site doubles as a carbon calculator and a storage database so members can store their carbon reductions to add or decrease at a later date.� This also allows us to rank members by their emission reductions and of course the “Greenest” members will earn the most points. Regardless of weather or not you want to be ranked, or store your info, the 100 or so energy saving and money saving tips are well worth a look.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to checkout the site, here is the link to take action to stop global warming.

You don’t have to signup to read the content, but you will need to create a free account to get your carbon emission info saved into the database.� Grab an account and you can also advertise your green website, blog�or business.

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