Clean Coal My Ass

First off, sorry for the language, but I am just so darn tired of seeing this misinformation on the TV, the radio and now even on MY website. Yea that’s right, i just saw and ad for clean coal on MY website and I was shocked. I have written a few articles about how dirty coal is here and here and to see an ad for clean coal on my website is nauseating. For the record I did go into my Google Adwords site filter and filtered out the offending website shown in the picture. I will not even mention their website name because I don’t want Google crawling my site and wrongfully thinking I am promoting them and increase their link ranking.

Anyway I just found a very interesting article over at EcoGeek where the exact same thing happened to Hank. He wrote a nice little letter to the U.S. Coal Lobby stating the simple facts straight from the heart. If you have a minute it is well wort the read and I couldn’t say it better myself, so I will just let his letter speak for us as well.

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