Build Your Own Compost Bin with Shipping Pallets

One of the easiest things you can do to limit the amount of trash you produce is to compost your food waste. It requires little initiative, and you will benefit from the rich compost resulting from the breakdown of your kitchen scraps. The only thing you really need to do is create a suitable bin for your soon-to-be compost. Thankfully, there are alternatives to the overpriced, plastic compost containers that some garden supply stores hawk to customers. You can make your own using recycled shipping pallets for less than $20, or even free if you have some of the few necessary supplies.

How to build a compost bin

Here are two different sets of instructions on how to build your own inexpensive compost bin from reclaimed shipping pallets:
How to build a $15 shipping pallet compost bin
Pallet compost bin

Why to build with shipping pallets

Here are somestatistics about the production and waste associated with shipping pallets:

Approximately 40% of all hardwood harvested in the U.S. is for making shipping pallets
About two-thirds of pallets are used only once before being thrown out
1/4 of all wood in landfills is from used pallets

Why not put some of those shipping pallets headed to the landfill to good use? You can easily find shipping pallets around your town or city—try contacting supermarkets, warehouses, and other businesses that receive regular large shipments.

Happy composting!


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