Bisephenol A Free Baby Bottles

Many of you have probably heard in the news about bisephenol a (BPA), which is a chemical that is released when certain plastic components react to liquids that are acidic, high in fat or heated.  This has left parents concerned about the safety of the bottles they use to feed their babies. 

Many studies conducted have shown is that BPA can potentially cause lifelong problems such as breast or prostate cancer, infertility, or early puberty. However, the FDA continues to say that the levels of Bisephenol A that are released in these plastic bottles are still well below dangerous levels and the bottles are safe to use.

The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives available! 

When we first heard about these problems, my husband conducted some research and found the brand Nurture Pure.  We bought a couple of sippy-cups and glass bottles for our son.  We love both, but I have to say, as much as I like the glass bottles, they are a problem due to their weight and due to the fact that our son is at the stage where he loves to drop things! 

Yes, the other day we were having lunch at a local restaurant and my son shocked the whole room when he dropped his glass bottle.  I didn’t expect it to happen, as he was gulping his juice, but the second I looked away he took it out of his mouth and threw it on the floor.  Oh yes, it was fun to hear and see all that glass shatter, yeah right.  Because of this experience, I obviously wanted to look for a plastic alternative! 

I went to Super Target today and found Born Free bottles: definitely pricier than other bottles, but of course, to me, protection has no price!  So far so good. Born Free claims to reduce the risk of middle ear infection and helps reduce colic.

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