Another Earth Day, How Did We Do This Year?

Well here we are at another Earth Day and quite frankly a lot has changed since last year. It seems that this “green thing,” which many opponents said was a fad, now looks like a full blown movement. Even in the midsts of a recession green buildings, homes and products are hot items and people are willing to pay a premium for them. Considering that the popular belief was that if government forced us to be green, it would hurt the economy, well it seems that the economy was broken already and perhaps the “green thing” is what is going to get us out of this recession.

A year ago, there was only a little TV/media coverage on green issues, but now almost every TV show, news cast or magazine has something about green in it. Granted a lot of this is green-wash, which is the basically faking green to improve public perception of a company or product. However, it is still nice to see so many people being educated about environmental issues.

On the global warming front, there are still a few nay sayers who are actively trying to debunk Global warming with junk science (or no science at all for that matter), but this group is shrinking slowly but surely. Even president Bush and top scientist from major oil companies are admitting that things need to change, even though they are not actively doing anything.

All in all we have seen a lot of accomplishments this year and the future does look bright. I hope each and every one of you will seriously consider doing something for the earth today. Step out of your comfort zone and commit to doing something that you previously have not done and stick with it. We cannot depend on governments to fix the problem that we are in, we must fix this ourselves, so do whatever you can to reduce your consumption, reduce your energy usage and reduce your waste/pollution.

Have a happy earth day!

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