47 Ways to Live With Less Plastic

I was happy to recently stumble upon Beth Terry’s fake plastic fish, a blog devoted to her adventure in learning to live with less plastic, and in the process, tallying her consumption and plastic trash collection. As she states on her About page, it was a photo of a seabird with a gut full of plastic bottle caps and other plastic trash that set her on a course of trying to bring less plastic into her own life and creating less trash.

It is a very respectable project that Beth has embarked upon, and I salute her efforts. To help make it easier for people to consume less plastic, she has offered up 47 ways to live with less plastic. Some are very familiar, such as “carry reusable shopping bags”, but there are a variety of suggestions to help readers in their own quest to live with less plastic. It’s important to note that living plastic-free can become something of a major lifestyle shift, which is crucial and part of the recognition of just how omnipresent plastic is in our lives.

Check it out!

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